Aalto 2023 course can be taken online except for the final project presentation. The lectures will be given on campus, but recorded and the recording will be made available online after the lecture. If you are unable to register for the course at the moment in the Sisu, there is no need to email the lecturer. You can start taking the course and register before the end of the course. Sisu shows rooms on campus for the computer exercises, and you can come to ask questions on campus, but you can also ask in Zulip during the same times. You can choose which TA session to join each week separately, without a need to register for those sessions.

All the course material is available in a git repo (and these pages are for easier navigation). All the material can be used in other courses. Text and videos licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0. Code licensed under BSD-3.

The material will be updated during the course. Exercise instructions and slides will be updated at latest on Monday of the corresponding week. The updated material will appear on the web pages, or you can clone the repo and pull before checking new material. If you don’t want to learn git, you can download the latest zip file.

Book: BDA3