Assignment 6


Basic requirements


Can you open the pdf and it’s not blank?

  • No
  • Yes


Is the report anonymous?

  • No
  • Yes




Is the Stan model code included?

  • No
  • Yes


  1. Does the implemented Stan-model seem to be working?
  • No implementation
  • Model implemented but results not visualized/reported
  • Model implemented, but the results seem weird
  • Model seems to work correctly


  1. Are the R_hat values reported (potential scale reduction factor, Eq. (11.4) in the BDA3)?
  • No
  • Yes, but only for alpha or beta
  • Yes, one value for alpha and one for beta


  1. Is the interpretation of Rhat values correct (correct interpretation will be given in peergrade)?
  • No interpretation or discussion about the R_hat-values, or conclusions clearly wrong
  • Somewhat correct
  • Interpretation correct


  1. Does the report contain a scatter plot of the draws? Do the results look reasonable, that is, roughly like in the Figure below (figure attached in peergrade)?
  • No plot included
  • Plot included, but the results do not look like in the figure above
  • Plot included, and the results look roughly like in the figure above


Does the report contain description of Stan setup used and whether there were any problems in setting it up or using it?


Optional feedback about Stan code.


Overall quality of the report


Does the report follow the formatting instructions?

  • Not at all
  • Little
  • Mostly
  • Yes

Q11 -

In case the report doesn’t fully follow the formatting instructions, specify the formatting instruction that is not followed. If applicable, specify the page of the report, where this difference in formatting is visible.

Q12 -

Please provide also feedback on the presentation (e.g. text, layout, flow of the responses, figures, figure captions). Part of the course is practicing making data analysis reports. By providing feedback on the report presentation and other students can learn what they can improve or what they already did well. You should be able to provide constructive or positive feedback for all non-empty reports, even if there is nothing to say about the technical correctness of the answers. You can also provide feedback on code.